The development concept is based on freely curved building corpuses that together form a holistic composition that leaves an indelible impression. The geometry of the individual building units, their proportionality, the staggered heights and their positioning allow the Campus and the city space to flow into one another – the internal and the external merge seamlessly. The Campus becomes part of the city and the city part of the Campus.


The organically formed building shape embraces the extensive landscaped garden, which opens to the outside and connects to the Swiss Garden. The internal spatial landscape links several layers together, can be seen from all building parts as well as from the surrounding urban space and has a unique identity.


The spatial and communicative center of the Campus consists of a two-storey atrium. Incised courtyards, bridges and staircases offer a special spatial experience, a variety of visual relationships and opportunities for encounter. The atrium is open to the public, thus contributing to the revitalisation and urbanisation of the new city district and is complemented by further cultural and gastronomic facilities on the ground floor areas.
Our vision for the Erste Campus was to create a transparent space that is open towards the urban space, an inviting architecture in close touch with the nature. The new headquarters of the Erste Group should be perceived as a special environment that is not commonplace, as an urban city landscape, with which the staff and the general public of the city can identify alike.

source: http://www.henkeschreieck.at/index.php/projects/buero/erste-campus/