In a time where people search for the right work-life balance, Rabobank strives to be a forerunner when it comes to The New Way of Working. The office space must be fully compatible with this innovative, flexible workplace concept.


he New Way of Working ((Rabo Unplugged) assumes that employees operate in the same way as entrepreneurs do, determining themselves when and where they carry out their tasks. The interior and its different kinds of workstations facilitate that. Employees no longer have their own fixed workstations. In short this means more collaboration, more responsibility, more entrepreneurship and fewer rules.


The ground floor is the central meeting place of the building: a large urban-type open office landscape with multiple functions. The different kinds of work environments and workstations at the,  even by European standards, large office all support different activities: coming together, holding a meeting, presenting, working together, working individually and focused working.

source: https://www.gispen.com/en/projects/rabobank-utrecht