This innovative office building project takes place in a new part of Laval city. Located on a plot of small size, it is nevertheless an important issue of marking the area. We stick to the idea of hotel spirit, or caravanserai welcomed merchants, by organizing workspaces such as rooms and suites all connected together by a distribution surrounding a large patio and in “enfilades” so it is possible to put spaces in relation as wished.


On the program level, we have retained a strong desire to give workspaces maximum qualitative conditions of light, circulation and potential meeting between users. In the state of competition we partitioned workspaces, rooms as requested by the program between 30 and 50 sqm. The frame divisibility of 1.35 m and light character of partitions allow any other type of partitioning.


The specific design of each facade depends on sun exposure in a way that it maximizes the contributions and protections. The interplay of sunshade point out the entrance and gives the façade a subtle kinetic aspect. The different skies that will illuminate the building will give a changing and atmospheric perception of it.

source: http://www.peripheriques-architectes.com/laval-h%C3%B4tel-dentreprise-innovantes