The concept design of this project is to make it comfortable enough to feel like home while bright and cheerful enough to make employees feel energized and empowered. he blue color, which is the company color, was mainly used with a mix of red, yellow, orange, and green to establish a sense of cheerfulness and entertainment inside the space. Diverse colors were also inserted to distinguish between different floors and functions of the building.


The design of building’s facade also acted as an eye illusion – a silence dynamic. By inserting letter D, a company name, on the side of the aluminum facade, it gives a transformation that our eyes can see differently from a different angle. The letter D is visible on some angle of the building and disappear on a different position. We established the notion of movement through this letter by the transformation of an illusion. From a different perspective, the building can communicate in different languages.


source: http://purearchitect.co.th/