ODOS architects were engaged by Slack Technologies to provide their new 30,000 sqft European HQ offices in Dublin City Centre. The brief required separate distinct office zones for diverse functions within Slack and also included social areas, break-out spaces and an all-hands event space. The distinct image of Slack was used and adapted to provide a very specifically tailored solution to the European HQ while still maintaining the ethos and core values of the company.


This corporate identity is manifested only in the entrance lift area and reception, while the remainder of the fit-out expresses the company’s desired aesthetic rather than an explicit use of corporate colours and logos. The material palette was kept minimal and opted for more mature colour ranges and tones throughout, in an attempt to steer away from the lively primary colours often associated with Tech company fit-outs. The concept of the design originated from the urban grain of Dublin City. The main circulation route was envisaged as a typical Dublin street which tend to have unique fluidity to their routes. Along this ‘Street’ is a lively, active space with common break-out areas for idea-sharing.


A white oak oiled timber floor lined with a planted re-bar wall system separates the street from the various working and social spaces. Located at the heart of the plan is the ‘all-hands space’ where all the streets meet. This space serves as the main meeting point for the staff and can host live events with other offices across the world.

source: http://www.odosarchitects.com/slack-dublin