Measuring 92 meters tall, the Groningen tower is outfitted with soft, undulating curves as a way to replace the traditional stoic and commanding presence of institutional buildings with a more “friendly and more future-orientated” approach.


In addition to creating a new personality for the exterior, the façade also integrates shading, wind control, and daylight penetration with its fin-shaped elements. These horizontal fins keep a large amount of the heat outside the building, reducing the requirement for cooling.


Functionally, the building accommodates 2,500 workstations, parking facilities for 1,500 bicycles and 675 cars in an underground garage, while being surrounded by a large public city garden with pond and a multifunctional pavilion with commercial functions.  ”We paid a great deal of attention to how people would move through the building.


The office spaces are designed in such a way that they do not create simple linear corridors leading to dead ends, but instead each corridor has a route which introduces a kind of landscape into the building. You can take endless walks through the building, where there is a great deal of transparency, also towards the surrounding landscape,” stated Ben van Berkel.