San Francisco-based design firm Studio O+A recently completed work on a new office for Cisco-Meraki’s office in the city. The 110,000-square foot space was envisioned as appearing as simple and easy to use as the wireless routers made by the newly merged Cisco-Miraki. The design team also surveyed the company’s employees to determine which features they enjoyed at their old smaller headquarters.


The result was a complex with an abundance of natural light and collaborative avenues with various meeting spaces ranging from formal to informal, partitioned couch spaces and nooks for relaxed work spread throughout and large wall-sized blackboards, whiteboards and corkboards for collaboration. The headquarters and furniture within were all designed to help to retain the company’s tight-knit DIY culture by giving employees more control and versatility with their workspace.


source: https://hypebeast.com/2014/1/inside-cisco-merakis-san-francisco-office