This Co-working Space covers an area of about 800 square metre, divided into first level, second level and underground level. At the beginning stage of the project, a research -based design method was introduced in by the architects, with large amount of case studies and precedent analyses, which approached to the solution of a flexible space-sharing model.


he final design brings in a library-like space experience: On the first level, the traditional lobby-corridor-office layout no longer exists, but a widely-open space instead, a bar counter provides basic management and service to the co-working space; The big discussion table serves for both groups and individuals; More privacy can be found in booth area, which is suitable for a smaller group; If you would not be interrupted by the crowd, workstations are provided for you to dive into work. In a word, the way a university library space used is integrated into this project: any space you want is open as option here.


source: http://www.matoffice.com/project/beijing-yuanyang-we-co-working-space/