The Skin and Laser Center Altmühltal is located in Germany close to Munich and was opened in February 2016. On an area of 380 square meters, the center consists of a dermatology practice including an operating theatre and an individually accessible cosmetics department. The core business of the practice is classical and aesthetical dermatology (e.g. body fat reduction via Cryolipolysis). Additionally the Skin and Laser Center Altmühltal offers beauty treatments (e.g. skin rejuvenation, Botox treatments, permanent hair removal) and laser surgery using the latest laser technologies.


Key design features in the practice are clear visual axes, discreet coloring and anexceptional quality of the interior. The main theme of the design concept is the texture of skinin different variations, for example polygonal structures. Other features of the concept arepastel shades, mirrored surfaces, elegant shades of grey and the architectural lighting.